Human Nature


Many world philosophies view humanity as being One with all of life: all that exists, existed and will ever exist. As nature grows around us and as constellations surround us, we realize we were all once star dust: elements from the cosmic, descendants of the universe. We were once all born so simply in nature, surviving off the Earth—it was and is a part of us, around us. We communicated with the trees, spoke to the stars, looked into the winds for guidance. As animals, we relied on the land to feed us, to clean us, to shelter us. We are nature.

As artists who appreciate the meticulous complexities of the Earth’s natural realm, we wanted to create imagery that tells a primitive story of man: that we are, indeed, all One. We shared our photographs, blending landscapes into silhouettes, superimposing the ligaments, muscles and bones of nature, creating collaborations to unify human and Earth as we realize their complete unison.